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Promoting Healthy Eyelashes

Lash Dr., is proven by science, to help your eyelashes and eyebrows grow longer, thicker and healthier. This product also minimizes the loss of eyebrow hair and lash hair after applying. You will notice your eyelashes and eyebrows transform into a stronger and healthier look, within a 14-30 day period after applying. Lash Dr. is a patented formula, which uses a special blend of peptides and phytoncides. Lash Dr. only contains natural ingredients.  

After Cleansing Face

TONIC (Step 1)
The Tonic treatment enhances regular lashes and helps strengthen weak and damaged eyelashes. The vitamins and minerals penetrate into the hair follicles, strengthening and providing nourishment.

How to use: Brush a small amount, gently and evenly, as close too lash and brow roots as possible.


ESSENCE (Step 2)
This essence Mascara gives a lasting shine and healthier lash line by providing nourishment to lashes that are prone to breakage.

How to use: Brush a small amount, gently and evenly, as close to lash and brow roots as possible, and sweep outward towards tips after eyelash tonic. Wait 2 minutes before applying makeup.


Experience the natural growth in 14-30 days by applying nutrients with peptides and phytoncides to your lash and brow follicles! 


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