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18 hours Beginner Training Program:

Day 1 (6hrs)

  • Overview of our proprietary eyelash extension technic with the book
  • Learn about the products
  • Practice on paper eyelash sheet

Day 2 (6hrs)

  • Learn about after care of eyelash extensions
  • Learn about allergic reactions
  • How to avoid allergic reactions
  • Understanding side effects of eyelash extensions
  • How to use Remover Gel
  • Hands on training with Mannequin

Day 3 (6hrs)

  • Hands on training with Mannequin
  • How to cover lower lashes with Tape and Gel Patches
  • Practice on live model

30 hours Beginner Training Program:

Day 4 (6hrs)

  • Practice on live model

Day 5 (6hrs)

  • Practice on live model
Include Starter Kit

100 hours Full Course Training Program:

Day 4 to 17 (82hrs)

  • Practice on live model

Additional Courses

  • Eyelash Tinting
  • Eyelash Perm
  • Threading
  • Applying Lower Lashes
  • Client Consultation Techniques
Include Professional Starter Kit

Advanced Training:

18 Hours (3 days / 6 hours a day) – Classroom and practical application of advanced technique and business. Advanced knowledge needed in:

  • Evaluation (critique) of individual technique
  • Advanced training on customization and consultation – working with imperfections, medical situations and cosmetic enhancements
  • Advanced eyelash tinting and perms
  • Lower lashes
  • Additional practice time on advanced techniques

Business Training:

6 Hours (1 day) – Advanced business management and marketing for the eyelash industry

  • Managing the guest experience
  • Advancing outside of the normal guest
  • Custom research exclusive to the eyelash industry
  • Proven marketing tactics

Additional on-going training is available to ensure that students are kept up to date on new products and services as the industry continues to grow and expand.

JJ Eyelash Certification is available for those that qualify and perform to our strict standards.

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