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Introducing JJ Academy, the industry’s premier eyelash extension academy dedicated to salon professionals from all around the world. We’ve developed a curriculum where students receive optimal training in eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.
Our mission at JJ Academy is to deliver the most comprehensive training for eyelash extension technicians and salon managers. With programs designed and presented by knowledgeable and experienced leaders. Industry leading that delivers well beyond hands on demonstration procedures.
At JJ Eyelash Academy, not only will you learn the correct way to apply eyelash extensions, you will become professionals in beauty and elegance.
In addition to learning about eyelash extensions, advanced training in salon management and marketing will provide the needed instruction to become successful in the eyelash business.
May Lee, owner and creator of JJ Eyelashes has successfully established years of loyal customers and quality service that customers have come to depend on. Over 80% of our customers claim that JJ Eyelashes is their only choice based solely on the quality of service and knowledge of aestheticians. As a result of this level of expertise, salon owners and employees have been seeking May’s instruction and guidance for the proper use and application of eyelash extensions and after care. As with everything associated with JJ Eyelashes, only the finest products and superior service are provided.
JJ Eyelashes Academy is seen by many professionals as the Industry Gold Standard because of its strict guidelines and challenging requirements.



Primary training – Complete and comprehensive instruction providing the needed understanding of proper eyelash extension application. 

18 hours Beginner Training Program:

Day 1 (6hrs)

  • Overview of our proprietary eyelash extension technic with the book
  • Learn about the products
  • Practice on paper eyelash sheet

Day 2 (6hrs)

  • Learn about after care of eyelash extensions
  • Learn about allergic reactions
  • How to avoid allergic reactions
  • Understanding side effects of eyelash extensions
  • How to use Remover Gel
  • Hands on training with Mannequin

Day 3 (6hrs)

  • Hands on training with Mannequin
  • How to cover lower lashes with Tape and Gel Patches
  • Practice on live model 

30 hours Beginner Training Program:

Day 4 (6hrs)

  • Practice on live model

Day 5 (6hrs)

  • Practice on live model
  • Include Starter Kit

100 hours Full Course Training Program:

Day 4 to 17 (82hrs)

  • Practice on live model

Additional Courses

  • Eyelash Tinting
  • Eyelash Perm
  • Threading
  • Applying Lower Lashes
  • Client Consultation Techniques
  • Include Professional Starter Kit

Advanced Training:

18 Hours (3 days / 6 hours a day) – Classroom and practical application of advanced technique and business. Advanced knowledge needed in:

  • Evaluation (critique) of individual technique
  • Advanced training on customization and consultation – working with imperfections, medical situations and cosmetic enhancements
  • Advanced eyelash tinting and perms
  • Lower lashes
  • Additional practice time on advanced techniques 

Business Training:

6 Hours (1 day) – Advanced business management and marketing for the eyelash industry

  • Managing the guest experience
  • Advancing outside of the normal guest
  • Custom research exclusive to the eyelash industry
  • Proven marketing tactics

Additional on-going training is available to ensure that students are kept up to date on new products and services as the industry continues to grow and expand.

JJ Eyelash Certification is available for those that qualify and perform to our strict standards.



Level 1 – Novice
Qualifications: Successfully complete two (2) months of primary training and can consistently apply 160 lashes between 1hour 30minutes and 2hours.
Level 2 – Pre-intermediate
Qualifications: Successfully complete primary training and three (3) months of guest experience. Can consistently apply 160 lashes in 1hour 15minutes.
Level 3 – Intermediate
Qualifications: Successfully complete both primary training and advance training along with twelve (12) months of guest experience. Can consistently apply 160 lashes in 1hour.
Level 4 – Advanced
Qualifications: Successfully complete both primary training and advance training along with eighteen (18) months of guest experience. Can consistently apply 160 lashes between 45minutes and 1hour.
Level 5 – Mastery
Qualifications: Successfully complete both primary training and advance training along with thirty six (36) months of guest experience. Can consistently apply 160 lashes between 30minutes and 45minutes.




We have recently redesigned our scheduling process in an effort to accommodate requests received by professionals all across the country.

Our flexible scheduling allows for students to achieve the highest level of training regardless of personal or professional situations. This is achieved through a hybrid advancement system with prerequisites and curriculum structure.


    • Student must complete Orientation I, II, III all in succession
    • Must successfully complete 27 hours of classroom training before advancing
    • Student must successfully complete 36 hours of lab training with a high level of confidence and skill to graduate.
    • Our academy hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM 6 days per week (Mon – Sat) with lunch break taken from 1:00 – 2:00 PM daily.


Course Schedules

Orientation I is available 4 times per week to accommodate various start dates. Students must confirm availability with Student Coordinator first.

All Primary training must be completed within a maximum of 3 months. Any special requests or individual situations causing a delay in completion or a significant change in availability must be approved by Student Coordinator.

Contact our Student Coordinator for Advanced and Business Training classes.

Enroll in a class

*Please note: although our goal is to accommodate everyone, all classes are based on availability.



The City

It only made perfect sense to open the very first academy right in the heart of New York City where fashion and beauty is an everyday part of life. While attending JJ Eyelash Academy, consideration is given to our students while visiting New York City. Schedules that are both accommodating and structured so that superior instruction is provided even amongst the many distractions of NYC. After class is out, well that’s your schedule.

The Style

Here in NYC there are many cultural diversities along with artistic expressions of personalities and trends. One’s personal appearance in many cases communicates personality and personal preference without a word being used. Being exposed to this environment will further improve your artistic expressions needed with your clientele. Whether it is the professional look of Wall Street, or the cutting edge of night life, ones definition of beauty and elegance can take on a whole new meaning.





For any questions regarding our products, please feel free to submit your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.




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