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Essence Mascara


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Providing Volume & Nutrition

This water-based mascara helps extensions look fuller and darker, and is the only mascara that is recommended to use with lash extensions. It also contains plant extracts, vitamins, and patented substances including natural hyaluronic acid and DH-Pathenol, which provide the eyelashes with nutrition and moisture. It forms a thin layer between the eyelashes to make each lash thick and shiny. It doesn’t lump or harden the lash extensions, making it perfect for people who frequently get eyelash extensions. 

How to use: 

To Apply: Wiggle the brush at the lash roots to get the lashes in between the bristles and sweep upwards in a smooth motion.


myristoyl pentapepide-17, myristoyl hexapepride-16, biotinoyl tripeptide-1, copper tripeptide-1, panthenol and marine collagen, palmitoyl tripeptide-5, and plant based hyaluronic acid

0.53 FL. OZ (15 ml)




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